Our First Hash Trail: 24 November 2000

It was a cool day, but the trail was set and the pack was eager. There may have been only 7 hashers, but they were hearty and undeterred.  After Cold Cuts' excellent trail (through the neighborhood in which he grew up, including snow and some 60+ degree inclines and declines) we all (except for Y2K9, a.k.a. Lucky the Wonder Dog), made our way into "The Beer Joint Of Your Dreams."  The Ale House (check 'em out at http://www.beerjoint.com/default.html ) had about 30 beers on tap, and at least that many in bottles, including Omegang - the only North American beer brewed in an open vat (The Omegang brewery is a cool tour if you ever get up towards Cooperstown, NY).  After sampling over a dozen different brews, and getting slightly sloshed, we went off in search of future trails.

As you can see, this hash is not about circles and down-downs, but about a good trail, getting together to enjoy the simpler things in hashing, and socializing.

Location: The Ale House, Vestal Parkway, Vestal, New York