Trail #3: 20 January 2001

The weather failed to cooperate, but we managed to get 26 hashers to show up in the rain.  There had been heavy showers off and on all morning, so the trail was shortened up a bit.  Haz hared a live, 40-50 minute trail, and that was enough though, through muddy shiggy trails with only the start and finish on a hard surface.  After some quick refreshments, we made tracks to the "Sports Bar" (they have great original names in Manassas) where we entertained the local crowd and partook of the on-tap beverages.  Several pitchers and all kinds of the usual junk food later, the pack started to break up and head their separate ways.  An excellent showing by the Northern Virginia hash crowd.  We'll see how things go next month when we move to South-east Virginia.

Location: Manassas Park High School, Manassas Park, Virginia