Trail #4:  17 February 2001

Well, it was another great trail for the backwoods hash. Working our way down to the flat lands of Willoughby Spit, VA, a handsome pack of 24 gathered in awe awaiting a shiggified trail by none other than "Shirtless the Outdoorsman" himself. Along with his trusty cell mate, "KY2", an excellent trail of grass, sand, sea, fence holes, guard rails, crawling on hands and knees, under bridges and fences, and just all around good fun was had by all. Nothing like a hash trail and a few beers to get you warmed up for . . . another hash trail and a few more beers. Within hours, we were 30 miles up the road and waddling our way along on the Ft. Eustis H3 trail through scenic Williamsburg, VA. This trail was slightly longer, with the tail end of the pack coming in at nearly 2 hours, but 2 beer checks along the way made for some good livin'. The on-in was packed with tasty food in a fine dining establishment that will probably think twice at hosting the hash again . . . oh did we sing some songs. With barely enough sleep for an insomniac, we found ourselves all the way down to Virginia Beach and a fabulous Tidewater H3 trail. More fences, creeks, ditches, other shiggified delights to top off an excellent weekend. Ending in just the kind of hole in the wall bar that any hash would love, the down-downs were flowing followed by . . . you guessed it, an hour or more of hash sing-a-thon. Life in South-East Virginia couldn't be any better. If that was not enough, a group of 15 or so gathered on Monday for yet one more hash, pick-up style. Thank you for a fabulous weekend!!!

Location: Welcome Center, Exit 273 off I64, Willoughby Spit, Virginia