Trail #5: 10 & 11 March 2001

What a great day for a Hash! We ended up with 41 wankers from 11 different Hashes.  While scouting this trail Butt Pirate and I found ourselves knee deep in an indigenous swamp that wasn't on our map. We decided that we better lay an easy trail for the Whiners and let the real hashers tackle the swamp. The pack sang us a song and we were off,  into the woods we went, BP led marking trail while I tried to find the Beer for the Beer check that I had pre-positioned. Unfortunately it took me a while to find the beer … A beer near (literally one beer) five marks later I had placed the cooler.  I quickly Hashed away as fast as I could…..I emerged from the woods to the start point (yes I lied, It was an A to A)  One by one they started to trickle in. It was easy to see who took the Wanker trail and Who took the Hasher trail. The Folks from the Hasher trail were the ones who were wet up to their knees (or to their balls if you were Gladiator). I fired up the grills, we consumed 80 hamburgers, 60 hot dogs, and a Keg of beer in a matter of an Hour. We circled up, recognized our Virgin, did some down downs, ended the circle and headed to Busters. There was much drinking and singing to the wonderful music of Mr. Microbone. We drank the bar dry and headed (head, Who said head…) home for the night to prepare for the hangover hash the next day at 10 a.m.  DickVanWrinkle

Location: Ft. Lee, Virginia