Trail #8: 16-17 December 2006

As the fateful day arrived, Cock Block & Tackle and I arose early to transport supplies, put out the beer checks and puck up the aforementioned transportation. Just before 12:00PM Hashers started to arrive. First it was Cum On Down and Luv Bug 69 from Chattanooga with our speakers and coolers in tow, then Oops and Deposit Slit from Atlanta. As the halfminds arrived everyone was greeted by CBT in the back of the U-Haul where they received their goody bags complete with commemorative t-shirt, bottle of liquor and a "hot hands" hand warmer (which I am glad to report were not used!)

All loaded into the back of the U-Haul for transport from Camp Bryant to the start of trail - the back of the Federal building in downtown Rome, Georgia. I, Hugh Heifer, as the sole hare, was blessed and set off into Rome to show the pack a little of what is here in the fine little town. First passed the clock tower (an absolute must since it was on the shirt!), down passed Jefferson's Restaurant to the Forum and along the river passed the Waterfront Grill. Then up, up, up to the top of Myrtle Cemetery where the intrepid group could check out all of Rome from a bird's eye view and if they looked hard enough, they could nearly see the beer check nearly four miles away by foot. Then back down Myrtle Hill into one of Rome's more "established" neighborhoods. Once again along the river to Harbin Alley where the Walkers had started trail and the Long Trail found a water check. It was a welcome respite as the weather was a balmy 76 degrees in the middle of December.

Trail went up a steep hill and along a ridge behind Darlington School for several miles, with checks galore. Finally the long trail found a beer check that the walkers had already passed. It was about now that the runners were passing the walkers and Mustard Panties had fallen for sixth or eighth time and I am sure Blister was preparing for the exciting ass ride on down a leaf covered hill inside the C & C Hunt Club property bordered on one side by Black's Bluff Road and the Nature Conservatory to the west, Park Street on the north (cross by the hounds on foot) and Cave Spring's Road to the east. What the group did not know was that camp was boarding to the south and the shiggy and great ATV trails would bring them on home where six kegs of Flying Dog, Anchor Stem, Shipyard and other flavors awaited them.

Oops was FRB along with a contested pair of Mustard Panties and Maxwell Twat as a pair of FBIs. Of course what would a Hash be without Cum On Down showing as Ass End Charlie but mostly due to Elko hauling but past a true trail arrow and down a hill causing me to run just one more hill then I needed to!

CBT started circle and I drank the obligatory hare down-down and then took over with RA duties. Sure circle was long but it gave Pumptkin and CBT ample time to get the food going. A delicious low country boil fat with new potatoes, tons of shrimp, sausage, onions and corn.

There were many allegations, and the beer was flowing and songs galore were sung.

The following morning I was advised the partying continued for another two or three hours (4:00 or 5:00 AM) before the rest of the miscreants hit the sack. Course, Blister had trouble finding giving cause for Pumptkin to make a mental note that when car camping, it is best to lock the doors!!

Breakfast was met in the continental style and even thought the coffee was not instant, the intuitive Hashers made due and were of high spirits. Blister purged his system and we got him back on his feet, said so long to Oops and Deposit Slit who were off to SOB in Atlanta where Oops was to hare as well as Cooter Hog, Steph and Princess Booby Cross who had a family obligation. I set off to lay a hangover trail from hell. AKA ChooChoo H3 trail 67 (we think). I led the hounds on a grueling four miler of shiggy and hills. Passed the Coke plant, across highway 27 and into an industrial area then into the muddy ATV trails near my home. Beer check was atop a big hill housing yet another water tower and then the group went all the way down to a stream below. Quick exploration of a some more trails then up some power lines to beer near and OnIn at my home.

Although I can say I have never really lost anyone on trail - I also have never had to go pick anyone up. The later was to change on this day as nearly 2 and a half hours after the start, Cum On Down and I boarded the 4x4 to search for Pumptkin and Luv Bug 69. They were located about a mile from the house and I nearly didn't stop for them as their reaction was less then amicable but I relented and gave them a ride On Home and watched as Luv Bug gave me what for through the double glass of the truck.

So that is how the weekend went. A special thanks to CBT, Pumptkin, Twat Do I Smell, Cum On Down and Luv Bug 69 as well as Tit Wringer who could not make it and Cooter Hog for all they did in assisting us in hosting you here in Rome, Georgia. I was delighted the weather I ordered came through and that everybody enjoyed themselves. Also thanks to Tom E. who let us use the property he lives on and the C&C Hunt Club for allowing us safe passage on their property. Finally to the Rome Visitor's bureau for putting together part of the goody bags. - See the PHOTOs

It was all about the trail...And some beer!
Hugh Heifer

Location: Rome, Georgia