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World Hash Events - 2017

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2017 (Events)

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Date Events Details
Jul 1-21 Prelubes & Postlubes - see them all Prelube to Eurohash, in Vienna, Austria.
Jul 2-5 Prelube - Blue Danube Hash Cruise Starting form Vienna, Austria to Budapest, Hungary.
Jul 7-9 EuroHash Hosted by the Vindobona H3 in Vienna, Austria.
Jul 11-21 Postlube - Danube River Cruise Starting from Budapest, Hungary to Bucharest, Romania.
Jul 21-23 Trifuckta Hosted in the small town of Evergreen, NC, USA.
Jul 28-30 The Horniest Place on Earth Hosted by the White House H3 in Rileyville, VA, USA.

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