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World Hash Events - 2017

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2017 (Events)

Date Events Details
Sep 1-3 Campout Hosted by the Colorado Kimchi H3 near Hackett Mountain, CO, USA.
Sep 1-4 End of Summer Bash Hosted by the Sembach H3 near Limburg, Germany.
Sep 7-9 Pan Indo Hash (Indonesia Nash Hash) Hosted by the Balikpapan H3 in Balikpapan, Indonesia.
Sep 8-10 Orgy in the Woods Hosted by the Jacksonville H3 in St George, GA, USA.
Sep 8-10 Birthday Bash Hosted by the Panhandle Cossacks H3 in Wetumpka, AL, USA.
Sep 8-10 AGM Hosted by the Hangover H3 in Philadelphia, PA, USA.
Sep 8-10 AGM Hosted by the Pittsburgh Inebriated Thirsty Thursday H3 in Coal Center, PA, USA.
Sep 14-17 Monsoon Madness Hosted by the Hyderabad H3 in South Goa, India.
Sep 15-17 Swiss Nash Hash Hosted by the Basel-Stadt H3 in Bernau im Schwarswald, Germany.
Sep 15-17 Humpin' Campout Hosted by the Humpin' H3 in Crestline, CA USA.
Sep 15-17 China Nash Hash Hosted by the Beijing H3 in Beijing, China.
Sep 17-25 50th Anniversary Hosted by the Sydney (Posh) H3 in Sydney, NSW, Australia.
Prelube: Hosted by the Bushrangers H3
Sep 21-24 DC Red Dress & Lubes Hosted by the hash clubs of the greater Washington, DC area.
Sep 22-24 Oktoberfest
Hosted by the Munich H3 in Munich, Germany.
Sep 22-24 FL/GA Intercourse Hosted by the Duff H3 in Unadilla, GA, USA.
Sep 22-24 Red Dress Weekend Hosted by hash clubs in San Diego, CA, USA.
Sep 22-24 Red Dress Run Hosted by the Gulf Coast H3 in Mobile, AL, USA.
Sep 25 - Oct 1 1000th Hash Hosted by the Grenada H3 on the island of Grenada.
Sep 27 - Oct 2 50th Anniversary Hosted by the Hobart H3 in Hobart, TAS, Australia. 
Sep 29 - Oct 1 Albenga Weekend Hosted by the Riviera H3 in Albenga, Italy.

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