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World Hash Events - 2018

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2018 (Events)

Date Events Details
Feb 8-11 Red Dress Run Hosted by the Other Orlando H3 in Orlando, FL, USA.
Feb 9-11 1800th Run Hosted by the Glasgow H3 in Melrose, Scottish Borders, Scotland.
Feb 9-11 Red Dress Run Hosted by the 7 Hills H3 in Lynchburg, VA, USA.
Feb 10-11 Love Stinks, Let's Drink Hosted by the Las Vegas H3 in Las Vegas, NV, USA.
Feb 16-17 Party Gras Hosted by the Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday H3 in Virginia Beach, VA, USA.
Feb 23-25 AGM Hosted by the Hillbilly H3 in Bentonville, VA, USA.

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