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World Hash Events - 2018

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2018 (Events)

Date Events Details
Mar 1-4 Green Dress Run Hosted by the Savannah H3 in Savannah, GA, USA.
Mar 2-4 Hole In The Ice Hosted by the HELsinki H4 in Helsinki, Finland.
Mar 8-10 Intergulf Hash 2018 Hosted by the Abu Dhabi H3 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. 
Mar 9-11 Cambodia Nash Hash Hosted by the Phnom Penh H3 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. 
Mar 9-11 Green Dress Run Hosted by the Portland H3 in Portland, OR, USA.
Mar 10-17 Ski Week Hash Hosted by the Vienna H3 in the mountains of Austria.
Mar 16-18 30th Anniversary Hosted by the Riviera H3 in Nice, France.
Mar 16-18 40th Anniversary Hosted by the Honolulu Hawaii H3 in Honolulu, HI, USA.
Mar 16-18 1500th Hash Hosted by the Bushrangers H3 in Thirroul, NSW, Australia.
Mar 16-18 Green Dress Run Hosted by the Philadelphia H3 in Philadelphia, PA, USA.
Mar 16-18 Green Dress Run Hosted by the Flour City H3 in Rochester, NY, USA.
Mar 16-18 Green Dress Run Hosted by the Whoreman H3 in West Wendover, NV, USA.
Mar 23-25 2nd Annual Hash Springs Hosted by the some Cali hashers in Palm Springs, CA, USA.
Mar 23-25 2000th Run Hosted by the Gold Coast Mixed H3 in Boonah, QLD, Australia.
Mar 23-25 Green Dress Run Hosted by the OKC Wild Wild Wild West H3 in Oklahoma City, OK. 
Mar 23-25 Ski Hash Weekend Hosted by the Colorado Kimchi H3 in Steamboat Springs, CO, USA.
Mar 24-25 Baby Shower & Birthday Weekend Hosted by the Mount Vernon H3 in Brunswick, MD, USA.
Mar 30 - Apr 1 1000th Run & 25th Anniversary Hosted by the Sans Clue H3 in Paris, France.

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