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World Hash Events - 2018

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2018 (Events)

Date Events Details
Nov 2-5 NOBAN Hosted by the Edinburgh H3 in Invergordon, Scotland.
Nov 8-11 It's Always Hashing Hosted by the Philadelphia H3 in Philadelphia, PA, USA.
Nov 10-11 Ocean Front Property in West Virginia Hosted by the Hangover H3 in Harpers Ferry, WV, USA.
Nov 10-11 Blue Ball Hosted by the Charlotte H3 in Charlotte, NC, USA.
Nov 10-18 Wankers Away Cruise Caveat: This is a commercial event, sailing from Port Canaveral, FL, USA.
Nov 15-18 1000th Run Hosted by the Port of Spain H3 in Trinidad.
Nov 16-18 31st Anniversary Hosted by the Hogtown H3 in Toronto, Canada.
Nov 16-18 Filth Anniversary Hosted by the Skull & Boners H3 in Meriden, CT, USA.
Nov 17-18 NAMBLA Man 3-Way Hosted by the Jax Beach H3 in Jacksonville Beach, FL, USA.
Nov 17-24 Thanksgiving Hash Cruise Caveat: This is a commercial event, sailing from Miami, FL, USA.
Nov 23-25 Thanksgiving Campout Hosted by the Aloha H3 on the island of Oahu, HI, USA. 
Nov 30 - Dec 2 Tampa Nekkid
Hosted by the Tampa Bay H3 in Land O Lakes, FL, USA.
Nov 30 - Dec 2 Carilo Hash Trip Hosted by the Buenos Aires H3 in Carilo, Argentina.
Nov 30 - Dec 2 Louisiana Ren Faire Hosted by the Huzzah H3 in Hammond, LA, USA.

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