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May 3-5 Aussie Nash Hash Hosted way up north in Port Douglas, QLD, Australia.
May 3-5 1000th Trail Hosted by the Baku H3 in Baku, Azerbaijan.
May 3-5 Irish Nash Hash Hosted by the Dublin H3 in Dublin, Ireland.
May 15-19 30th Anniversary Hosted by the Mijas H3 in Fuengirola, Spain.
May 17-19 InterScandi Hosted by the Vasteras H3 in Hallstahammar, Sweden.
May 17-19 6th Interbike Hash Hosted by the JB Bicycle H3 in Johor, Malaysia.
May 17-19 8th Annual West Virginia Interhash Hosted by the Mountain Beers H3 in Elkins, WV, USA.
May 24-26 2345th Trail Hosted by the Bicester H3 in Bicester, UK.
May 24-26 Greek Island Spectacular Hosted by the Athens H3 in Zakinthos, Greece.
May 31 - Jun 2 2000th Run Weekend Hosted by the Edinburgh H3 in Edinburgh, Scotland.
May 31 - Jun 2 2000th Hash Weekend Hosted by the Vindobona H3 in Horitschon, Southern Burgenland, Austria.
May 31 - Jun 2 Pan Africa Hash Hosted by the Freetown H3 in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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