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2019 (Events)

Date Events Details
Aug 2-4 Michigan Interhash & 32nd Analversary Hosted by the Motown Ann Arbor H3 in Commerce, MI, USA.
Aug 2-4 Salem Wank Trials Hosted by the Carolina Larrikins H3 in Pittsboro, NC, USA.
Aug 2-4 1600th Hash Hosted by the NIttany Valley H3 in Mill Hall, PA, USA.
Aug 9-10 Red Dress Run Hosted by the New Orleans H3 in New Orleans, LA, USA.
Aug 9-10 AGM Hosted by the Pittsburgh Inebriated Thirsty Thursday H3 in Pittsburgh, PA, USA.
Aug 9-11 Bungle in the Jungle Hosted by the Big Hump H3 in Saint Louis, MO, USA.
Aug 9-11 Dutch Nash Hash
Hosted in the Castle "De Berckt" in Baarlo, the Netherlands.
Aug 9-11 Roman Away Day Hosted by the Isca H3 departing from Topsham, UK.
Aug 9-12 Nigeria Nash Hash Hosted by the Abuja H3 in Abuja, Nigeria.
Aug 10-11 There Was a Bear in the Deep Dark Woods Hosted by the Hangover H3 in Harpers Ferry, WV, USA.
Aug 14-18 EUROHASH
Cruise from Edinburgh to Shetland, Orkney and finishing in Glasgow.
Aug 16-18 AGPU 2019 Hosted by the Santo Domingo H3 in Barahona, Dominican Rebuplic.
Aug 16-18 Elbows Deep in Nevada: Wilderness Hash Hosted by the Reno H3 in Wellington, NV, USA.
Aug 20-22 Post-lube EUROHASH / Pre-Lube UK Nash Hash Hosted by the Bras & Pants H3 in Scotland.
Aug 23-25 Hashstock 50 Hosted by the Long Beach H3 in Long Beach, CA, USA. 
Aug 23-25 Campout Weekend Hosted by the Ithaca H3 near Homer, NY, USA.
Aug 23-25 Ohio Interhash Hosted by the Renegade H3 in Millersburg, OH, USA.
Aug 23-26 United Kingdom Nash Hash Hosted by the Caledonia H3 (combined Scottish Hash Clubs) in Scotland.
Aug 28 - Sep 3 InterGuAm 2019 Hosted by the 7 H3 clubs of Guam, on Guam.
Aug 30 - Sep 1 German Nash Hash Hosted by the Hannover H3 in Hannover, Germany.
Aug 30 - Sep 1 Swiss Nash Hash Hosted by the Zurich H3 in Vordemwald, Switzerland.
Aug 30 - Sep 2 FHKIT 15 Hosted by the Former Hashers of Korea In Transit H3 in Eureka Springs, AR, USA.

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