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World Hash Events

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2023 (Events)

Date Events Details
Aug 4-6 1300 Run Celebration Hosted by the Kigali H3 in Lake Kivu, Rwanda. 
Aug 4-6 German Nash Hash Hosted by the Frankfurt H3 in Middle-Rhine-Valley, Germany.
Aug 4-6 Monster Mash Beach Party Hosted by the Carolina Larrikins H3 in New Bern, NC, USA.
Aug 4-6 1800th Run Campout Hosted by the Nittany Valley H3 in Lock Haven, PA, USA.
Aug 4-6 Campout: Area 69 Hosted by the California Larrikins H3 in La Misión, B.C., Mexico.
Aug 9-15 Hashing in San Diego, including the Original Red Dress Run Hosted by the collective hash clubs of San Diego, CA, USA.
Aug 9-16 EuroHash Prelube Hash Cruise Rhine Getaway with port calls between Basel, Switzerland to Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Aug 11-13 900th Hash Hosted by the Sumo H3 in Shizuoka, Japan.
Aug 11-13 Irish Nash Hash Hosted in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Aug 11-13 Horny Potter Weekend Hosted by the Flour City H3 in Middlesex, NY, USA.
Aug 11-13 2450th Run Hosted by the Townsville H3 in Townsville, Australia.
Aug 11-13 Bungle in the Jungle Hosted by the Big Hump H3 in Steelville, MO, USA.
Aug 17-20 EuroHash Hosted by Neptunus in Baarlo, The Netherlands.
Aug 18-20 500th Run Hosted by the Pattaya Jungle H3 in Pattaya, Thailand.
Aug 18-20 Glampout Hosted by the No Balls H3 in Sedro-Woolley, WA, USA.
Aug 18-20 Dead Elvis Hosted by the Memphis H3 in Memphis, TN, USA.
Aug 18-20 Red Dress Run Hosted by the Huachuca H3 in Bisbee, AZ, USA.
Aug 18-20 Monty Buffet and the Search for the Holy Ale Hosted by the Happy Valley H3 in Montague, MA, USA.
Aug 18-20 Trail #69 Hosted by the Rogue North H3 in Lehighton, PA, USA. 
Aug 18-20 Whoreman Campout Hosted by the Wasatch H3 near Salt Lake, UT, USA.
Aug 25-27 12th Analversary Hashcamp Hosted by the Alamogordo H3 in Ruidoso, NM, USA.
Aug 25-27 Georgia/South Carolina Interhash Hosted by the Southeastern Degenerates H3 in Latta, SC, USA.
Aug 25-27 Carnal Carnival Hosted by the Ithaca H3 in McGraw, NY, USA.
Aug 25-27 Mermaid Luau Hosted by the Los Angeles H3 in Ventura, CA, USA.
Aug 25-28 UK Nash Hash Hosted by the Yorkshire H3 in East Riding of Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

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