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2024 (Events)

Date Events Details
May 2-5 Red Dress Run Hosted by the Minneapolis H3 in Minneapolis, MN, USA.
May 3-5 Fest Hash Hosted by the Stuttgart H3 in Stuttgart, Germany.
May 3-5 1332nd Run Hosted by the Cutlery H3 in Sandringham, QLD, Australia.
May 3-5 7th Annual Campout Hosted by the Palmetto H3 in Ridgeway, SC, USA.
May 3-5 AGM Hosted by the Fredericksburg Urban H3 in Spotsylvania, VA, USA.
May 3-5 Analversary XIV Hosted by the Mother Rucker H3 near Coffee Springs, AL, USA.
May 3-5 Stinko - 1001 Hash Odyssey Hosted by the Harrisburg Hershey H3 in Hamburg, PA, USA.
May 4-5 Keep Your Pants On Campout Hosted by the Baltimore Annapolis H3 in Upper Marlboro, MD, USA.
May 10-12 Campout Hosted by the Mosquito H3 in Somerville, TX, USA. 
May 17-19 Burning Woman Hosted by the Mission Harriettes in Sage, CA, USA.
May 17-19 Bay to Blackout Hosted by the San Francisco H3 in San Francisco, CA, USA.
May 18-19 40th Anniversary & 2500th Hash Hosted by the Samurai H3 in Niigata, Japan.
May 23-27 Beer Camp Hosted by the Sin City H3 in Brookville, IN, USA.
May 23-27 Hash Hell Weekend Hosted by the Osan Bulgogi H3 in Songtan, South Korea.
May 23-27 Memorial Day 2024 Hosted by the Chicago H3 in Chicago, IL, USA.
May 24-26 Aegina Island Weekend Hosted by the Athens H3 in Aegina, Greece.
May 24-26 10th Anal Mywhorial Hosted by the Skull & Boners H3 in Bristol, CT, USA.
May 24-26 Spring Campout Hosted by the Okinawa H3 on Okuma Beach, Okinawa, Japan.
May 25-26 24 Hour Hash Hosted by the Carolina Larrikins H3 in Raleigh, NC, USA.
May 31 - Jun 2 Anniversary Weekend Hosted by the Pittsburgh H3 in Tarentum, PA, USA.
May 31 - Jun 2 Red Dress Run Hosted by the Waukesha H3 in Milwaukee, WI, USA.
May 31 - Jun 2 2500th Run Hosted by the Townsville H3 in Mutarnee, Australia.
May 31 - Jun 2 Belgian Nash Hash Hosted by the Brussels Manneke Piss H3 in Eupen, Belgium.

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