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Date Events Details
Jun 1-2 The Original Red Dress Run Hosted by the San Diego H3 in San Diego, CA, USA.
Jun 6-9 Pan South America Hash Hosted by the Brasilia H3 in Brasilia, Brazil.
Jun 7-9 Malaysian Nash Hash Hosted by the Mount Kiara H3 in Malaysia.
Jun 7-9 100th Trail Hosted by the Bull Moon H3 in Lichfield, United Kingdom.
Jun 7-9 UK Nash Bash Hosted by the Cambridge Randomly Active Bikehash in Essex, United Kingdom.
Jun 7-9 Campout Hosted by the Oregon H3 in Mount Hood, OR, USA.
Jun 8-9 Red Dress Run Hosted by the Northern Plains H3 in Sioux Falls, SD, USA.
Jun 8-9 100th Hash Hosted by the Heartland H3 in Owerri, Nigeria.
Jun 11-16 Inter-Caribbean Hash Hosted by the Grenada H3 on the island of Grenada.
Jun 14-16 69th Hash Hosted by the Shenyang H3 in Shenyang, China.
Jun 14-16 Camp SLHASHER Weekend Hosted by the Flour City H3 in Middlesex, NY, USA.
Jun 14-16 Peli-Keg Island Campout Hosted by the Cape Fear H3 in Wilmington, NC, USA.
Jun 14-23 Tour de Hash Hosted by the hash clubs in and around Tampa, FL, USA.
Jun 15-17 40th Anniversary Hosted by the Essex H3 in Chelmsford, United Kingdom.
Jun 17-23 1st Anal Pink Dress Hosted by the Bonaire Flamingo H3 on the Caribbean island of Bonaire.
Jun 21-23 Simmer Dim Hosted by the Shetland H3 on Shetland Island, UK.
Jun 21-23 Midsummer Night's Hash - Act II Hosted by the Southern Degenerates H3 in Latta, SC, USA.
Jun 21-23 KNURD XX Hosted by the Halve Mein H3 and Syracuse On-On-doga H4 near Albany, NY, USA.
Jun 21-23 Southern Exposure Hosted by the Wandering Soul H3 in Cleveland, AL, USA.
Jun 28-30 2222nd Hash Hosted by the Gladstone H3 in Gladstone, Australia.
Jun 28-30 Campout Hosted by the San Diego Humpin' H3 in Cleveland National Forest, CA, USA.
Jun 28-30 SHOT #36 Join the Solstice Hash On Tour in Kunming, China.
Jun 28-30 40th Anniversary Hosted by the Truro H3 in Penryn, United Kingdom.
Jun 28-30 Highland Games Hosted by the Hillbilly H3 in Harpers Ferry, WV, USA.
Jun 28-30 Danish Nash Hash Hosted by the Copenhagen H3 in Helsingør, Denmark.

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