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Jul 4-18 East Africa Tour This is a commercial event, with safaris and hashing in Kenya and Tanzania.
Jul 5-7 40th Anniversary Hosted by The New Town H3 in Edinburgh, Scotland.
Jul 5-7 Hash Camp Hosted by the North Wilts H3 in Stow-on-the-Wold, United Kingdom.
Jul 5-7 12th Anniversary Hosted by the Manchester H3 near Manchester, United Kingdom.
Jul 5-7 1800th Run Hosted by the Hyderabad H3 departing Mumbai via Train.
Jul 5-7 31st Analversary Hosted by the Eerie H3 in Sherman, NY, USA.
Jul 5-13 Hedonism ll A Summer To Remember - itís not just a vacation, itís an addiction in Jamaica.
Jul 8-19 Prelube Cruise Sailing from Prague, with multiple port calls in Czechia and Germany.
Jul 12-14 Invihash Hosted by the Burlington H3 in Richmond, VT, USA.
Jul 12-14 minK Interhash Hosted by the Kansas City H3 in Lawrence, KS, USA.
Jul 12-14 Campout Hosted by the Colorado Road Whores H3 somewhere in CO, USA.
Jul 12-14 11th Annual Boiled Liver Trail Hosted by the Utica H3 near Utica, NY, USA.
Jul 12-14 Campout Hosted by the Stuttgart H3 in Weil der Stat, Germany.
Jul 19-21 Nigeria Nash Hash Hosted by the Edo Benin H3 in Benin City, Nigeria.
Jul 19-21 35th Birthday Celebration Hosted by the Mount Maunganui H3 in New Zealand.
Jul 19-21 Float Hash Hosted by the Other Orlando H3 in Apopka, FL, USA.
Jul 25-28 Camp Camo Cooch Hosted by the IndyScent H3 in Edinburgh, IN, USA.
Jul 26-28 Once Upon A Hash Hosted by the White House H3 in Compton, VA, USA.
Jul 26-28 Mexico Campout Hosted by the California Larrikins in Balneario Las Palmas, Mexico.
Jul 26-28 Roman Away Day Hosted by the Isca H3 in Exeter, United Kingdom.
Jul 26-28 11th Analversary Hosted by the Pittsburgh Inebriated Thirsty Thursday H3 in Boyers, PA, USA.
Jul 26-28 InterScandi Hosted by the Mermaid H3 in Hamburg, Germany.
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