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Aug 29 - Sep 1 German Nash Hash Hosted by the C.R.A.P. H3 in Aachen, Germany.
Aug 30 - Sep 1 9th Anniversary Hosted by the Springfield H3 in Chatham, IL, USA.
Aug 30 - Sep 2 Campout Hosted by the Atomic Shit Show H3 in Las Vegas, NV, USA.
Aug 30 - Sep 2 Pacific Northwest Interhash Hosted by the Pacific Northwest Hash Committee in Marcola, OR, USA.
Aug 30 - Sep 2 USA Nash Hash Hosted by the Smut Butts Full Moon H3 in Ridge, MD, USA.
Sep 6-8 13th Anniversary Hosted by the Alamogordo H3 in Cloudcroft, NM, USA.
Sep 6-8 2269th Run Hosted by the Vindobona H3 in Znojmo, Czechia.
Sep 6-8 Monsoon Madness Hosted by the Hyderabad H3 in Puri, India.
Sep 6-8 Swiss Nash Hash Hosted by the Zürich H3 in Schwarzsee, Switzerland.
Sep 6-8 Rave Campout Weekend Hosted by the Baltimore Annapolis H3 in Davidsonville, MD, USA.
Sep 7-8 12th Annual Pirate Hash Hosted by the Rubber City H3 in Akron, OH, USA.
Sep 12-16 4th Times a Charm! Hosted by the Beaners Beaners Beaners H3 in Big Bend, TX, USA.
Sep 13-15 Run #2 Hosted by the Borneo Nature H3 in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.
Sep 13-15 Voodoo Campout Hosted by the Voodoo H3 in Springfield, LA, USA.
Sep 13-15 Virginia Interhash Hosted by the Richmond H3 near Richmond, VA, USA.
Sep 13-15 Campout Hosted by the Tornado Alley H3 in Fall River, KS, USA.
Sep 13-22 Hashathon Hosted by the collective hash clubs of South Korea.
Sep 20-22 Red Dress Run Hosted by the Gulf Coast H3 in Mobile, AL, USA.
Sep 20-22 Annyhash Hosted by the 7 Hills H3 in Lynchburg, VA, USA.
Sep 20-22 Red Dress Run Hosted by the Madison H3 in Madison, WI, USA.
Sep 21-23 All Japan Nash Hash Hosted by the Holiday Thursday H3 in Higashiizu, Japan.
Sep 24 - Oct 1 Prelube Cruise to Pan Asia Join hashers on a Luxury catamaran around the islands near Phuket, Thailand.
Sep 26-29 Oktoberfest Hosted by the Munich H3 in Munich, Germany.
Sep 27-29 Campout Hosted by the Kansas City H3 in Trenton, MO, USA.
Sep 28 - Oct 5 Dalmatia to Kvarner Hash Cruise Hosted by the Dalmatian H3 sailing from Split, Croatia.

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