Hash Club #4: Hash House Harriers Kuching
By Ed “Hazukashii” Howell in discussion with Harry “God Knows” Howell. (Aug 2013)

The Kuching H3 was founded by Harry “God Knows” Howell on 21 May 1963 in Kuching, Borneo.

Harry started Hashing with Mother Hash in 1958, when his employer transferred him from Penang, Malaysia to Kuala Lumpur (KL) in June of that year.  After hashing for about a year in KL he was sent back to Penang in 1959, and then on to Singapore.  One evening a handful of former KL Hashmen met in Ian Cumming's house off Braddell road, including Chris Verity and Tommy Voice to discuss the possibility of starting a hash club in Singapore.  Harry explained that "One of the lingering questions had been 'Where can you run on Singapore Island?' -- until we tried!  Run number one was, I recall, straight up the golf course across Braddell road."

Another New Hash is Born . . .

Harry’s stay in Singapore was to be short lived, but good for the future of the Hash House Harriers.  He was next posted to Kuching, where he started the Kuching Hash helped largely by the British army who were there tackling Soekarno's ’Confrontation’.  According to Harry, “The Kuching H3 originally ran on Monday, until the army said they had a problem with the Brigadier's staff meeting that afternoon, so without further ado we switched to Tuesday - which the Kuching hash remains on to this day.”

After a few years in Kuching, Harry says “I ran with the Kota Kinabalu Hash in 1968/69, until I ended my fifteen years with Bousteads, and came job-hunting in Sydney.  Today I am proud of the fact that one Monday I hashed in Sabah, and the next in Sydney.  Changed careers, changed countries, but did not miss a Hash.”  Well done Harry!

Although Harry will soon receive his OBE (Over Bloody Eighty) next February (2014), he says “I don't run any more but I still join my mates every Monday night.”


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