World Interhash
By Ed "Hazukashii" Howell

The first invitational gathering of Hash House Harriers clubs was the 1000th running of Mother Hash in March 1966, when there was only about ten clubs total, and all in Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei.  By 1973 many other hash clubs had sprouted and spread out beyond Southeast Asia, so Mother Hash repeated the effort for their 1500th trail that drew about 300 hashers to Kuala Lumpur.  (Note: Mother hash runs weekly, with only a few extra events. So if you are doing the math, you see that Mother Hash went from 1000 trails to 1500 trails in just 7 years. That happened because on the occurrence of their 1000th run event, they unceremoniously added the original 117 runs from the pre-war era of 1938-1941. So the run immediately following the 1000th was 1118, and they have continued on from there).

Sometime in 1976, the Kowloon H3 thought they might host a major event (jokingly referred to as "The International Hash Unconvention").  By May of 1977, invitations had been sent for all good hashmen to come to Hong Kong for INTERHASH 78.  A reporter for the Washington Post, Jay Mathews, happened to be on hand and made this report.  Based on the success of this gathering in Hong Kong, Mother Hash stepped up to host again in two years, and the pattern was set.  We now have World Interhash every two years, and the chart below shows where it has been held over the years.

World Interhash has become a prime opportunity to catch up with many old friends from hash trails gone by.  Normally a 3-4 day event, it generally consists of a welcoming party on Friday night, followed by 2 days of hash trails of varying length and difficulty from short walkers trails to the Ball Breaker, all spread out around the countryside.  Many other hash clubs get into the action by hosting pre and post events in neighboring countries, which can turn an Interhash excursion into a two week adventure to many wonderful locations around the world.  And what would Interhash be without beer, and the goodie bag.  Coveted items from the goodie bags are the commemorative magazine (several of which are hyperlinked below), and the T-shirts.    

1978 (24-26 Mar) Hong Kong
1980 (4-6 Apr) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
1982 (29-31 Oct) Jakarta, Indonesia
1984 (20-22 Apr) Sydney, Australia
1986 (28-31 Mar) Pattaya, Thailand
1988 (1-4 Jul) Bali, Indonesia
1990 (16-18 Mar) Manila, Philippines
1992 (3-5 Jul) Phuket, Thailand
1994 (25-27 Feb) Rotorua, New Zealand
1996 (7-9 Jun) Limassol, Cyprus
1998 (2-4 Oct) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2000 (25-27 Feb) Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
2002 (27-29 Sep) Goa, India
2004 (23-25 Jul) Cardiff, Wales
2006 (27-29 Oct) Chiang Mai, Thailand
2008 (21-23 Mar) Perth, Australia
2010 (2-4 Jul) Kuching, Borneo, Malaysia
2012 (25-27 May) Borobudur, Java, Indonesia
2014 (14-16 Mar) Hainan, China
2016 (20-22 May) Bali, Indonesia
2018 (24-27 May) Nadi, Fiji
2020 Postponed Trinidad & Tobago
2022 (28 Apr - 1 May) Trinidad & Tobago



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